About Peter Foyo

Peter Foyo - CEO of Principal Standard Group

PeterFoyo is the founder and chief executive officer of Principal Standard Group, a multifaceted financial firm operating in markets across the globe. Principal Standard Group develops and finances a wide variety of international projects, including a $500 million theme park project in conjunction with Palace Resorts Group. Thanks to Peter Foyo’s extensive experience in Mexico, Principal Standard Group began development of a $700 million medical plaza in Cancun and constructed the first solar facility in the country. The firm is also involved in the Water Street District project, which includes a broad range of hotel retail, and multifamily developments.

In addition to his work with Principal Standard Group, Peter Foyo serves on the board of several multinational corporations and domestic companies. He currently serves as a board member and partner of the Marquette Companies, a prominent American real estate company with a $1.9 billion portfolio of apartment and mixed use properties. He also serves on the board of Sirran Communications UK, one of the world’s leading providers of SECURE GSM, 3G, and LTE.

Peter Foyo received his bachelor’s degree in international business and economics from Benedictine University in Illinois. He also completed the Military Science Officer Education program at Wheaton College, later going on to serve as a Captain in the United States Army Reserve.

After completing his undergraduate studies, Peter Foyo began working as a product planner and manager with AT&T Corporation. He later became operations director and managing director of AT&T Argentina, where he spearheaded several major telecommunications projects in Brazil, Costa Rica, and Paraguay. In his most recent role as chief executive officer and chairman of Nextel de Mexico, he grew the company’s business from 35,000 analog subscribers to more than 4 million digital subscribers and increased revenue to more than $3 billion. 

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